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I’m one year old today!

Over July 4th weekend, we flew to Oklahoma to celebrate my college friend’s wedding. I was one of her bridesmaids (she was one of mine). Tyler did so-so on the flights. He was super fussy on 2 out of 4 of our flights. Mostly because there was just so much stimulation – so much to look at and touch. “Oh look! The safety brochure – yes, let’s eat that! And the window shade! And the magazines! And the people behind us! And the safety brochure!” Sitting on our laps probably didn’t help either. On our last flight, we had an extra seat in our row, so we buckled him using the lap belt. And he actually did really well with that. I think he knows that when he has a belt on, he can’t move and so he resigns himself to that fact. However, when he is on our lap, he knows he can turn and stand and throw himself backward and jump… Exhausting on so many levels! On a couple of the flights, he did figure out how to nap on me, which was good for everyone’s sanity.

The trip itself was nice! Oklahoma is so wide open – every store building is huge on a massive plot of land. Tyler did fairly well at the hotel and with all the wedding events. And the moment we have all been waiting for…July 3, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tyler took three steps all by himself!!! And off he went!

7/12: 5 steps

7/13: 10 steps

7/24: 18 steps

7/27: 21 steps

His base of support is narrower now, hands are still in high guard. But he is getting much more comfortable and confident. He can walk from his foam mat to hardwood, squat and pick up a toy, stand and continue walking, all without falling.

Tyler is also been much more interactive this month. He began waving when we said “hi” or “bye.” Started out as a delayed wave, usually after we turned to leave out the door, but he was getting there…haha! He also was responding to the word “jump” by bouncing on his legs. Tyler would “catch” and “throw” a ball with us a couple of times before getting distracted. And he also learned to tap his hand over his mouth while making a sound, which has proven very fun for all! He is also showing preferences for either me or dad (depends on the day/time).

His eating has also improved this month. He graduated from the bottle and is now only using a sippy cup. He is self-feeding and we are working on him eating off of a plate (without chucking the plate). Tyler’s favorite foods are meat (pork/chicken), bread, cheese, and grapes. We think he likes to eat what you are eating…haha. I was once eating green beans with my lunch while he played and he kept coming up to me demanding to be fed the green beans. So I thought he liked them, and made them for his dinner, and of course he refused to eat them at that time.

He is definitely voicing what he wants/doesn’t want, what he likes/dislikes. He will throw food on the floor that he doesn’t want. He chucks his sippy cup on the floor when he is done drinking. We have had to start teaching him acceptable ways to communicate. Tyler has been very reluctant to use the signs we have been showing him (milk, more, all done). He will still communicate by arching his back and grunting/complaining. He will usually vocalize sound (kinda like “uh huh” type sound) to signal “yes” to a question like “Do you want milk?” His receptive communication is pretty accurate. We will keep plugging along with his expressive communication.

Tyler went to the zoo for the first time last week when he went with his daycare. He banged on the windows and had a lot of fun.

He is showing that while he is pretty easy going, he is also a little wary of new kids and situations. I know this is pretty typical, but it is interesting to see him become aware of his surroundings. At a weekly playgroup that we go to, he will sometimes be very clingy to me at the beginning, not wanting to get down and always looking for where I am.

A few extra tidbits: He recently got 2 upper molars, for a total of 10 teeth. He still drools and mouths toys a lot. He is wearing 12mo onesies, but 6-9mo pants. He is small waisted. haha. He grew out of his size 4 sandals and size 3 diapers. Tyler is now out of his infant car seat and we got him a Recaro car seat. He’s fancy. At daycare, he rarely takes a morning nap and is taking a 2-2.5 hour nap in the afternoon. When we bring him home, we put him down for some quiet time and he will usually nap again before dinner. When he is home on Thursday and Friday with me, he is still usually taking his morning nap (I must be boring…) There are some days he will eat breakfast and then go straight back to bed – tough life.

Will and I are doing fairly well. I changed jobs where I am doing basically the same type of work (going to the homes of children ages 0-3 years old and doing physical therapy), but now in a different area (instead of around the Lowell area, now around Concord/Bedford/Acton). So it is closer and this company offers benefits! Yay health insurance, vacation time, and compensation for mileage! I am adjusting to this new company pretty smoothly and it is definitely nice to see a kid 8 minutes down the road as opposed to 30. Will has been busy with his clients and started playing recreational soccer.

My parents and siblings are coming into town this week (my parents are driving right now, which is deja vu from exactly one year ago!) to celebrate Tyler’s birthday. Looking forward to partying!

What a year it has been. Sleepless, delirious nights, breastfeeding, pumping in the car, new full time job post-maternity leave, daycare drop offs, diapers, new church plant, changing to part time, WINTER, pureed food, bottles, laundry, bedtimes…

Burps, smiles, coos, rolling, yawns, sitting, peek-a-boo, giggles, crawling, weaning, holding a bottle, pulling to stand, silly sounds, reaching out for me, cheesing, cruising, toys, clapping, waving, learning, walking…

Probably been the most difficult year of my life, but has been so much fun and filled with so much joy! I am so thankful for Will and the stronger team we have become. Thankful for my community of family and friends who have supported me in so many ways. Thankful to God for good health and sustaining and providing for me and knowing what I needed.

Thanks for following us on this past year! We will see how diligent I am in posting from now on 🙂

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11