20151225_084223.jpg(After faithfully blogging each month of Tyler’s first year, I didn’t feel as motivated post-1-year birthday. Here I am returning after a hiatus!)

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me if I had any family traditions for Christmas. As I thought about it, I couldn’t think of any! This lack of traditions made me really think about this.

Growing up, my family lived in Maryland. Our grandparents and most of our aunts/uncles/cousins lived in New Jersey/New York. We always traveled to see these relatives at least four times a year (Spring Break, summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas). I cannot think of a Christmas spent at my own home. While others talk about running down the stairs to unwrap presents under the tree, or singing carols, or watching movies, I do not have any memories of doing this. We did always decorate a 6-foot fake Christmas tree, but we never enjoyed it on the actual day. I do not remember a time where our immediate family of five was by ourselves for Christmas. My memories of Christmas always include being in New York, shuttling around to various relatives’ homes, eating some kind of meal (likely Chinese food) and opening presents there.

So when my friend asked me about family traditions, I felt a little sad. And confused. I don’t know how to celebrate Christmas without relatives. It felt sad to only be with my husband and child; that we didn’t have any relatives to be with on Christmas, that we weren’t going house to house, seeing aunts and cousins, having different shifts of eating and unwrapping. I don’t know how to make traditions for my immediate family! Do you just make something up? Pinterest? What do other people do? Do I want to do that too? Sing by the piano? Make gingerbread houses and cookies? See Christmas lights? Sleigh ride? Hang stockings?

I also did feel like that if I was to create traditions, I should start now. Sure, Tyler will not remember any of this, but it’s good to get a pattern started, right? Yes?

So…we did open a couple presents by our 2-foot table top real tree. (More of Tyler’s presents came after Christmas.)



Then we baked a chocolate cake. Tyler enjoyed stirring the mix. I frosted the cake. Will helped Tyler spread some sprinkles around. Then we lit the candle we never used from Tyler’s 1st birthday. Sang “Happy Birthday” to Jesus. Tyler attempted to blow the candle out and then refused to eat any cake.



And that was our Christmas tradition!

I feel better now about our Christmas and I am sure as Tyler gets older, they will become more ingrained and meaningful. Here’s to many more Christmases to make memories!

(My new year’s resolution is to keep blogging! Thanks for reading! :))