On Thursday, July 24, 2014 at our morning appointment, Dr. Thomas checked my cervix and I was at 3cm and she said she could feel the “bag of water” and she wouldn’t be surprised if I went into labor in the “next couple of days” and would be surprised if I made it to my appointment next week.  So we waited…and waited…

On Saturday, July 26, I took three naps (9:30, 2pm, 8-10pm) and I even texted my mom at 10:39pm, “Just woke up from my 3rd nap today.  Hope this is a sign that my body is resting up for something to happen!!”  But nothing happened that day.  We had even gone to the Highrock Acton BBQ that afternoon and Pastor Becky prayed that he would come quick.

On Sunday, we went to church and the Parish Games had been postponed due to the weather, but the BBQ was still going on.  Will and I were eating outside under the tents in the pouring rain with the Mickey and S Sanchez.  Pastor Becky saw us and said something like, “Sorry to see you!”

I took a nap that afternoon, heated leftovers from Saturday’s BBQ and made mac and cheese and even packed a lunch for Monday!  I went to bed around 10pm, preparing to go to work.  At around 11:30pm, I woke up and was googling on my phone “signs of labor.”  I REALLY REALLY REALLY didn’t want to go to work – that was my main concern!  At around 12:30am Monday morning 7/28/14, I had put my phone down and rolled to my right side.  Then I felt a low abdominal pain, which was different than the other contractions I’d felt up higher.  Then I felt a pinch/pop and then something wet down below.  I woke Will up and told him I thought my water had broken. I had been sleeping on towels, so I gathered them around me and went to the bathroom and some more water trickled into the toilet.  It wasn’t a big gush or anything like that so I wasn’t completely sure my water had broken.  I called the doctor’s office at 1:02 and the doctor on-call (who was not from Concord OBGYN) called me at 1:08am and told me to wait at home until the contractions were about 10mins apart.  I started timing the contractions:


They felt like really bad menstrual cramps.  Some were more intense than others. When the doctors say that you know they are the real contractions when you can’t talk through them, that’s true.  It was also hard to stand up when contractions were happening – my legs were shaking.  In the meantime, I was finishing packing my bags.  I called the doctor again at 3:08am and she said she’d let the hospital know we were coming in.  We got into the car around 3:15am.

We prayed in the car on the way over and made note that we were leaving as a family of two and would come back as a family of three!

We got to the hospital and were brought into the room.  I changed into a gown.  The nurse Tina verified that my water had broken and checked me – I was at 5cm.  I was put on a monitor.  I was also convinced to get a saline lock since I said I was open to getting an epidural.  The first time she put in the saline lock, it bent, so another nurse came in to try again and was successful.  I was asked what my pain level was and I said 8/10.  It was tolerable (hurt a lot, but I could deal with it).  To be honest, looking back, the pain was definitely at a 10, but I was saving my “10” for pushing, so I had to say the contraction pain was at 8.  Logical, right?  I was confirmed to be in labor so I texted my boss at 4am that I was in labor (yay! no work!)  and Will called my sister Melissa.  (The plan was for her and my parents to drive up from Maryland in the morning. I fully expected my labor to take 20+ hours, so there would be plenty of time for them to drive up.)  I was getting some back labor and so the nurse suggested I sit in the rocking chair.  Back labor went away, but I was still having lots of pain.  I was checked again – 7cm.  The tub was suggested, so I went into the tub.  It was recommended I try to move/sway with the contraction, but that hurt so much more.  I was gripping and leaning over the side of the tub.  I don’t know how long I was in the tub for, but I was eventually done with the tub and saying, “I need the drugs.”

I went back to the room and was checked again – 9.5cm and nurse said that it was then probably too late for the epidural since you need to have an IV of fluids for 30mins before the epidural and I was so close already.  (Pretty sure I was not aware of that tidbit.)  She said that I would only need a few more contractions and I’d be at 10cm.  So that’s how it went.  I think I started pushing at around 6am.  Everytime I felt a contraction, I’d yell, “Help me!” and the nurse and Will would hold my legs.  Pushing was hard – hard to know how to push or where to focus.  (During my pregnancy, people would say that pushing was like “pooping a watermelon.” Umm, that was not helpful, because I am pretty sure I was “pooping,” but the nurse kept correcting me.  So who knows, because I still have no idea how to push a baby out.) During the pushing time, I went to some other world, just closing my eyes the whole time and repeating, “Help me” with every contraction. At one point, I even scolded Will for sitting down after contractions because it hurt a lot when I was having a contraction and they weren’t holding my legs. He and the nurse weren’t holding my legs fast enough after I signaled them to “help me.”  (Will told me later that he was just following what the nurse did.  If she sat, he sat.)  After a while they called the doctor in (who now was Dr. Travias from Concord OBGYN).  They had brought in a mirror too.  The last contractions were super frustrating since I could see (they kept telling me to open my eyes, but it was super hard to open my eyes and push) that his head was coming out, but then would slip back in.  And I was sooo exhausted.  FINALLY, at 8:37am, he came out, I saw him coming out, a gush of water came out too, and then he was placed on my chest.  I was so dazed and tired and he felt so heavy on my chest.  I saw the doctor ask Will to cut the cord (I don’t remember actually seeing him cut it).  Placenta came out.  I had to get one stitch for a 1st degree tear.  That hurt too!  Tyler was 8lbs, 11oz, 22.5″.  Took some pictures with Tyler and Will.  We called Melissa and put the phone next to Tyler who was crying/fussing.  They hadn’t even left home yet.  From water breaking to delivery was only 8 hours!  It was so fast!  And I can’t believe I birthed him with no drugs!  Totally thought I’d need drugs (Over the next few days, all the nurses would tell me that word was going around that I was the mom who birthed an 8+lb baby with no drugs. Go me!).  I fell asleep at some point while Tyler and Will went to the nursery.