On May 16th, Will and I went to Atlantic Sea Grill in Acton, MA and opened the envelope that contained the news that our baby was a boy. We were a bit (or actually, a lot) surprised at this news as I was convinced it was a girl. After letting the news start to sink in, Will says, “What do you think of the name ‘Darren’?” I responded, “Well, I don’t hate it.” When we were choosing a name for Tyler, I only liked two names and Will only liked one of those. So when we found out we were having another boy, I felt like it was going to be a daunting task to find more boy names. As I looked through baby name books, I did keep “Darren” in the back of my mind and compared all the names to it. I am the type of person that really cares about the meaning of names and I also pay attention to what the initials are. (That’s why we can’t name our child a name that starts with “B” with our last name that starts with “S.”) Darren means “a gift from God.” This is a great meaning! After several months of having “Darren” be the top contender, I finally came to declare the name search to be done.

For his middle name, we decided we were only going to give him a Chinese name. Tyler has an English and Chinese middle name (“John” – after my dad – family significance; “DeGuang” – means “light” – cultural significance). I considered using “William” for an English middle name, but Will didn’t want it so it didn’t make sense to name this child “William” if his own dad didn’t want it! We debated over a Chinese middle name for a long time. We had to consider how it would sound as Will’s parents would say the name out loud – they call Tyler “Guang Guang.” DeLing was suggested, but I felt like “Ling Ling” sounded more feminine (and like the name of a panda – haha!) We also had to consider how it was spelled in English – DeLi was suggested as it means “strength,” but it also makes me think of luncheon meat…so that was out.

Again, the meaning of names is significant to me. This past summer I joined a book study at my church where we learned about joy. This year has been tough for me when thinking about joy amongst all the sadness and darkness, especially in relation to death. And since Darren’s life is tied so closely to Charles’ death, I wanted Darren’s name to reflect the promise and hope that God has been teaching me this year. So that is how we chose “DeHuan,” which means “joy.”

Darren is God’s gift of joy to us.