While in the hospital, Darren had to be observed for Strep B and jaundice. He initially had trouble maintaining his body temperature right after birth but that resolved by mid-afternoon. Due to my thyroid condition, Darren’s thyroid levels were being monitored as well. His levels were elevated and would continue to be checked on at his well-baby visits. After our second night, he also had really low blood sugar to the point he was shivering. My milk hadn’t come in yet, so we had to start supplementing with formula. Nursing was closely monitoring his sugar levels with a heel stick before every feed. Due to his sugar levels, he had to stay an extra day in the hospital. So I was discharged on 10/10. I was able to stay in the same hospital room overnight with Darren, trying to breastfeed, then supplement him, while using a hospital breast pump to try to get my milk in quicker. Thankfully by the early morning hours of 10/11, he had gotten his sugar levels up and was maintaining them so he was discharged that day.


In the two weeks that followed his discharge, Darren had to see his pediatrician five times (1wk visit, 3 weight checks, 2wk visit), go to the Emerson nursery for blood draws three times (thyroid levels), and get his tongue clipped one time (10/18). Turns out he had tongue tie. Two pediatricians did not think he had tongue tie but our hospital pediatrician (who is also a church friend) thought he did. He did have trouble gaining weight, but after insisting on getting a referral to ENT, the ENT did confirm he had tongue tie, clipped it, and he then gained 5.5oz in three days. Yay specialists!

Those weeks were draining on me. They say, “sleep when baby sleeps,” but instead of me sleeping, I’m out going to all of these appointments! Plus it is super stressful to be worrying about his weight when I am (my boobs are) responsible for getting the weight on him. We did continue to supplement and after my milk came in and his tongue was clipped, the ounces came on and he did great. On 10/25 he was 8lb 10.5oz and on 11/15, he was 10lb 15.5oz and 22.5″.

Overall, Darren has been an easier baby than Tyler, which is crazy to say since Tyler was easy. Tyler would eat and then you would have to walk or bounce him a bit before putting him to sleep. Darren eats and immediately passes out. In the first few weeks, I did think Darren looked a lot like Tyler. I did a double-take one time when the nurse handed me Darren in the hospital, thinking it was Tyler!


In his first month, he met both sets of grandparents and his Aunt Melissa, Uncle Chris, and Aunt Sara Beth.


When Tyler met us in the hospital the first night, he was not very interested in baby, saying “No.” Haha! He was more interested in eating our hospital food. He said yes to holding him one time when we were home, but after about a minute, went to push him off his lap – my mom had to catch Darren. I would say that Tyler was “minimally interested” in Darren – wasn’t really curious about him, but also not trying to kill him.



We also celebrated my birthday 4 days after Darren’s birth. I vow to always get my own cake!


We also went trick or treating this year which was really the first Halloween that Tyler could actually participate in on his own. We went with the other toddlers in our little neighborhood which was fun. Tyler didn’t understand “take only one candy.” He reached with both hands, scooping candy out into his bag. Which is hilarious because he hates candy. Or at least the chocolate ones. We realized he loves fruit snacks…well, cuz…they’re fruit. His fav.



Month 1 started a bit rocky (medically especially), but was leveling out by the end.