Month 3:

More smiles and laughs!!

I participated in the Highrock Christmas Benefit Concert. It was my 8th year. We did 6 shows in 50 hours. Amazing, exhausting weekend, but oh so worth it. Dad held down the fort with the boys…thanks Will!

Christmas was tough…see post here: http://wp.me/pEAZP-N8 It was just the perfect storm of illness (croup?), sleep deprivation, terrible 2s, missing family during the holidays. Lots of ups and downs. I have recovered since from most of the downs, so that’s good.

This Christmas was the first that Tyler really understood. He kept talking about Santa “Ho Ho Ho!” and “roof” and “presents.” He was excited about presents and got some good gifts 🙂 We enjoyed making a fruit pie for Jesus. Last year we made a chocolate cake, but since T hates dessert, we wound up with a lot of leftovers. So this year I figured why don’t we make something we will actually eat. Fruit pie turned out awesome and I’ve already made another one since Christmas! Yum.

D had his first illness (cough (croup?) and runny/stuff nose…took about 4 days to resolve).

I went back to work 1/3. Twelve weeks flew by. D went to daycare for the first time. He’s enjoying watching all the kids run around and the kids love being big brothers and sisters to him, helping our daycare lady with bottles and such.

T continues to adjust to Di Di. He wants to say “night night Di Di” and always includes him when he is listing “mama, dada, Tyler, Di Di.” Though when Melissa visited a few weeks ago, she was holding D and T went up to her and said, “No Di Di!” And when I’m nursing D, T always requests to sit on my lap. But all in all, T shows concern for D and has wanted to help put on his blanket or lay next to him on the play mat. It is sweet.

D is in size 1 diapers, 3-6mo clothes. Can go 12 hours without eating at night. Waking 0-1x at night, usually around 4:30/5am. Head control is pretty good; can bring his knees up when lying down; enjoys sucking on his hands/fingers; still not really taking pacifier; is so good with eating and goes to sleep pretty easily. Eating about every 3.5-4 hours. Reflux is not much of an issue anymore. Cradle cap is resolved.