Dear Darren,

We are so happy and thankful to have you in our lives! Yet, when we first found out we were pregnant with you, we were struck with hesitant joy. Just 24 hours prior to the news that you would be joining our family, we had lost a friend in a car accident. This made it difficult for us to celebrate your new life while still grieving for our friend. The raw reality of death was staring us in the face and we were reminded that our time, and your time, is not guaranteed here on earth. In the following weeks and months, God urged us to seek joy and hope despite the darkness we experienced.

Darren, your name is a testimony to what God has been teaching us. “Darren” means “a gift from God.” Your Chinese middle name, “DeHuan,” means “joy.” You are God’s gift of joy to us. God has already used your life to prompt us to seek and reach out to God. May God draw you near to Him and continue to use you as a gift to bring God’s joy to others.

Even though you are only seven weeks old, we have noticed how vocal you are. Even the nurse at the hospital called you a “talker.” We pray that as you grow, you will use your voice to speak of the joy and hope God gives you. Death and darkness surround this broken world, but we trust that God will protect you and give you courage to bring life and light to those around you.

God’s promise of salvation and grace is the reason we bring you to be baptized today. We know God has knit you in the womb, knowing each hair on your head and each day you have here on earth. We acknowledge that life is a gift and ask God to help us raise you to develop deep and meaningful relationships with Himself, your family, and the community around you. We are in awe of the promise of eternal life and pray you will personally encounter God’s saving love for you.


Mama and Dada

[Baptized November 27, 2016]