Dear Tyler,

We love you so much and are thankful God chose us to be your parents. We believe God has placed you in our lives to give us a glimpse of what His love is truly like. By being your parents, we now have a greater understanding and appreciation of God’s unconditional, faithful love toward His own children. We love you and want what is best for you, in your adorable, cuddly moments, but also when your curiosity leads to mischief. We see how our love for you leads us to guide and discipline you with grace. As we reflect on our own lives, we are more aware of the ways God is continually pursuing us and desiring to be in relationship with us, even when we disobey. How great is His love for us!

Because of God’s promise of salvation and grace, we bring you to be baptized today. We acknowledge that you are a gift to us, that God knit you together in His own image, and He has incredible plans for you. We also acknowledge that God has chosen us to be your parents, to raise you up to serve and love the Lord and those around you. We desire our marriage to be an example of love, respect, sacrifice, and service as this is the main relationship you will witness. Lastly, we recognize our need for the church to come along side us and support us in teaching, encouraging, and loving you on your journey of faith.

Tyler, we already see some innate characteristics God has designed in you. You are strong and determined, easy-going and even-tempered, approachable and relational. Our prayer is that God would use you to impact His kingdom and continue to guide and transform you according to His will.


Mama and Dada

[Baptized November 29, 2015]