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Hi Charles,

I can’t remember having a one-on-one conversation with you prior to January 26, 2016 and I am sorry we didn’t get that opportunity. I have seen you and been around you in Young Adult Ministry, watching you play in the praise band, and in choir, but I guess we just never needed to talk to each other. I am sorry for that, but want to talk to you now. Keep reading

People have been asking me, “How is it with two kids now?”

Keep reading

Choir people,

I am just going to address what wasn’t said today, but what I am sure most felt. Today’s first rehearsal was tough. Keep reading

Death sucks. It’s inevitable and it sucks. Keep reading






20151225_084223.jpg(After faithfully blogging each month of Tyler’s first year, I didn’t feel as motivated post-1-year birthday. Here I am returning after a hiatus!) Keep reading

Today marks my one year anniversary of receiving the diagnosis of Graves’ disease.  What a year it’s been.  Here’s an annual summary: Keep reading

This past Wednesday marked my one-year anniversary at New England Pediatric Care.  I’ve learned a lot while being there, but the most significant lesson is the reminder that life is fragile and short. Keep reading

What a rollercoaster… Keep reading

Now, don’t panic.  It sounds way more morbid than it actually is.  It’s named after Robert Graves, a physician who was the first to describe the disease back in the 1830s.  (Too bad his last name wasn’t “Butterfly” or “Puppy.”) Keep reading